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RTL Diaries

By Jackie Ashkin

We’re at that stage. Not a literal stage with lights and such. But a stage in preparation. The stage where nobody feels ready and lines are dropped and fits of giggle appear at random.

We’re about a week away from the show. So it’s normal. A worn out director, Mr. Mark Sasse, sits in front of us, looking stressed as can be. He’s rubbing his hands across his face, his notebook strewn across the floor. It’s that stage for him, too. The one where he’s probably very tempted to yell at anyone who asks for a water break.

Our choreographer, Mrs. Rachel Chand, just sits and watches us, an unreadable expression on her face. She’s probably hoping we’ll start straightening our arms some time soon.

We’ve been a group for a while now; we know each other’s tendencies. Two of my friends stand toward the back, practicing the “awkward flamingo” – a one-legged stance declaring a lack of confidence in what exactly they are supposed to be doing.

I stand by the side and try to practice my solo. I keep forgetting to breathe, which can prove itself a problem three-fourths of the way through a note. As I look around me, I can only think of how much I am going to miss these people who I have learnt to love. It’s my last “season” with RLT – I’m bittersweet.

I have seen the group I envisioned so long ago, discussing silly things with Ciera Nash and Mr. Sasse, grow into something truly beautiful. Evolving from a one-night show into a fully fledged, long-term ensemble; it’s about to see its third time through. For a high school group, RLT is pretty amazing.

This time, we will bring the audience an eclectic choice of dramatic sketches, ranging in subject from giant squids to annoying children. Granted, the giant squid does not eat the annoying child. But it’s still worth watching.

Come see Season Three of the RLT players at penangpac’s Stage 2 on November 22 at 5pm and 8pm or November 23 at 3pm and 8pm. Or come to all four shows! You never know what could happen.

Jackie Ashkin has been on the stage since she was a wee lass. Most recently, she has been really involved with Dalat Original Drama and the Short+Sweet Festival in Penang as an actor, director, and playwright. As well as winning Best Supporting Actress at this year’s Festival, she directed the winner of Best Script, No In Spite of Itself, which will be included in the upcoming RLT show.


Tickets for Captured In Time & Space can be purchased at TicketPro or the penangpac Box Office. For reservations or more information, call penangpac at 04-8991722 / 2722. 


Captured In Time & Space

From Dalat International School’s RTL Players is a new theatre production –  Captured In Time & Space. Directed by Mark Sasse, who won the best script award in Short & Sweet Theatre Penang 2013, Captured In Time & Space also features other Short+Sweet alums such as Jacqueline Ashikin, Tesa Sasse, Ciera Nash and Joseph Stoltzfus.

Here’s a snippet of what to expect with Captured In Time & Space:

Unforgettable moments of life – captured in time and space. The RLT Players are back for their third season with a brand new set of dramatic sketches and short musicals, which are funny, poignant, and all original. The show includes the wacky comedy “The Giant Squid that Ate Georgetown”, the poignant drama “I Once was Blind”, and the award-winning dramatic sketch, “‘No’ in Spite of Itself” – winner of best script award in Short & Sweet Theatre Penang 2013. The show also features the unique rhythmic dancing of “Black & White” and the mini-musical “Captured in Time & Space” as featured in Short & Sweet Musical KL 2013. This is a fun and uplifting show for all ages that is not be missed. 


Captured In Time & Space


22 November 2013 @ 5pm & 8pm

23 November 2013  @ 3pm & 8pm


stage 2, penangpac @ Straits Quay (3H-3A-1, Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang)

Ticketing Information

RM 20 (Adults)

RM 15 (Students & TAS Card Holder)

Tickets can be purchased at TicketPro or the penangpac Box Office. For reservations or more information, call penangpac at 04-8991722 / 2722.