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Make a date with Ksatriya

Ksatriya – the multifaceted Penang-based artist – has a heartfelt proposition for you.

Let’s meet up.

I think art and music have become too divorced, too removed from the connection between artist and audience, performer and fan.

There are too many celebrity superstars, walled off from their listeners by bodyguards and photoshop and barrier walls.

How can you put a beat to the lives of people on the street, if you do not walk among them?

Let’s meet up. Let’s enjoy the music together. And let’s sit and talk after.

I want to perform for you on the 16th at The Canteen At ChinaHouse. Come enjoy the show, and let’s chat over beers (or a non-alcoholic beverage if you prefer).

#RED will be available on sale with a special discount, and signed copies for free, specially for some lucky fans.

See you there.

If you have been away Penang or so happened to have spent the past year or so without access to the internet, allow PenTAS to school you a little on this phenomenon known as Ksatriya.

Introducing Ksatriya
Introducing Ksatriya

For one, besides being a poet, a songwriter and a performer, he is pretty much an all around stand up kind of a person. He flirts with controversy, very much in the vein of a budding activist, and like any decent activist, he has a manifesto.

Calling his debut EP his manifesto, Ksatriya’s Red is quite a breath of fresh air. It blends genres as varied as World Fusion, Rap, Spoken Word, Blues, Hip-Hop and Rock, and each of its eight tracks feature Ksatriya’s vocals, be it in the style of spoken word, blues poetry or rap.

What sets Ksatriya apart from his contemporaries are his songwriting and versing that reflect the life average Malaysian young and young-at-heart adults regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality and football allegiance.

With such a lovely invitation, how could one resist spending some time with the charming Mr Ksatriya.

Ksatriya Live 


16 February 2014 @ 9pm


The Canteen @ ChinaHouse, 153 Beach Street, 10300 Georgetown

Ksatriya paints Malaysia in RED

RED by Ksatriya
RED by Ksatriya

If you have been to the monthly sessions of Say It Like You Mean It at China House’s The Canteen, you would be familiar with Ksatriya – the multifaceted Penang-based artist. Ksatriya is poet, songwriter and performer who has been a regular feature in the local (re: Malaysian) music and literary circuits. This VIMA-nominated artist has performed in notable Malaysian festivals, including The Georgetown Literary Festival 2012 and The Cooler Lumpur Festival 2013.

After teasing his fans and followers with singles released over the course of 2012 and 2013, Ksatriya today releases his debut EP titled RED. The EP includes eight tracks that are a blend of various genres, namely World Fusion, Rap, Spoken Word, Blues, Hip-Hop and Rock.

The tracks on RED feature Ksatriya’s vocals, be it in the style of spoken word, blues poetry or rap. His songwriting and versing shine through as the music is on each track is arranged to serve as a melodic canvas on which Ksatriya’s husky and clear voice and evocative lyrics paint pictures that very much reflect issues and lives of the average Malaysian.

Ksatriya, who is very much an activist and a vocal champion of freedom of speech, human rights and clean politics, professes to be dedicated to not sugarcoat or varnish truths in his musical storytelling. “Art is in my blood, if they take away my paint, I will paint in red,” he said, adding that his debut EP derives its title from stance of his. In other words, RED signifies “the beginning of a musical journey that promises to take fans on one hell of a ride.”

RED is now available for purchase at http://rebelrhyming.bandcamp.com/. The EP can be downloaded in mp3, mp3 320 format, AAC or other ‘audiophile’ formats, and is only available as a digital download.


*Images courtesy of Ksatriya